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Offering extensive experience in piano repairs and refurbishment to grand and upright pianos.

Replacement of tare and tape ends
Re-centering action centres
Replacement of tuning pins and felts and strings when restringing
Felt and leather replacement
Refelt hammers and total replacement of new hammers and refacing
Complete piano overhaul
Complete piano restoration
Key re covering
Action adjustment and regulation. Toning and voicing of hammers


This is a term used to describe the precise adjustment of all the moving parts. To make sure everything works as it should.

Factors such as.

Set off the hammers
Check distance
Blow distance
Spring tension
Damper lift.
Key height
Depth of touch

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tuning piano.jpg


A piano requires reqular tuning to keep it sounding its best and to keep it at concert pitch A440.The enviroment it is in affects the tuning stability as well as the condition of the instrument.This includes the state of the strings,tuning pins,the bridge,soundboard and tightness of pins.


Re-stining involves removing all stings and tuning pins and frame felt.

Cleaning the iron frame sound board and bridges.

If needed, to repair in sound board with spruce wood, strip and re-varnish sound board.

also if needed to re guided the iron frame.

I new set of bass strings are made by hand to order.

All the treble id restrung as new with German piano wire.

new tuning pins are fitted larger than the original ones to ensure they are tight, then the piano is tuned to pitch.

Restrining can be done on site or in the work shop.